5 Unforgettable Campaign Slogans

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Look anywhere, and you can see that it is election season. On the road it’s hard to miss citizens holding campaign banners on the side of the road. People are even touting political campaign slogans via bumper stickers on the car ahead of you. Some of your friends and family might even be wearing campaign buttons supporting their favorite political hopeful. These pinned accessories come in many varieties, showing faces, or names, or a combination of photo and text. All of them have the unified goal of promotion. People use campaign buttons to help you remember who they want you to support. To make sure you remember, the content is usually something memorable and pithy: a campaign slogan. Politicians have been using them throughout most of America’s history. That’s why we at PinProsPlus would like to share with you 5 Unforgettable Campaign Slogans from over the years.


Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

How many of you remember this campaign slogan from your high school history course? “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” was the catch phrase used by William Henry Harrison and running mate John Tyler in the 1840 presidential election. It was actually a campaign song used to get people feeling positively about the hopefuls while they had fun singing it chorally.  The slogan capitalizes on recent fame achieved by William Henry Harrison in the Battle of Tippecanoe. He led forces in a battle against Shawnee forces led by Tecumseh that ambushed Harrison’s army. He urged his men to repel the foes successfully and became known as the Hero of Tippecanoe or simply as Tippecanoe.

Return to Normalcy

World War I was a devastating experience for the globe. People had never seen war on such a terrifying scale, introducing weapons capable of different range and tactics as well as the first cases of “shell shock” and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. People were more than a little rattled, dubbing it the Great War expecting it to be the last war to be fought. Warren G. Harding saw the trauma of US citizens and addressed it with his 1920 campaign slogan. In his speeches he would call for “a return to normalcy.” He promised that everyone would go back to a pre-war mentality. The best case for America was to find peace again and focus on nationality as opposed to worldly troubles. With WWI in their minds, Americans could not help, but to resonate with him.

I Like Ike

“I Like Ike.” Three words, one name, one memorable campaign slogan. Dwight D. Eisenhower used this slogan in the 1952 presidential campaign. What is impressive about this slogan is its simplicity. When people wear campaign buttons or share slogans they are saying “I am a fan of this hopeful, you should be too.” D.D.E. shortened his campaign slogan to say what everyone meant. Utilizing his nickname that rhymed with the verb, he made it so everyone will not only remember his name, but remember it fondly.  When he ran again in the 1956 election he expanded it to “I Still Like Ike.” Sometimes short really is sweet.

Make America Great Again

If you said “Make America Great Again” was a forgettable slogan, you’d be lying. People have been so fond of it, it is even being re-used by Donald Trump in the current presidential campaign. This campaign slogan was first used by Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential campaign. At the time, America was notorious for high unemployment and higher inflation. Reagan did not think this was what the US should be and that it was innately better than what it was appearing. His slogan was a timely call-to-action that bolstered citizens to improve their patriotism and the nation as a whole. After being elected, he held true to his promise.

Yes We Can

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 focused on two slogans “Change We Can Believe in” and “Yes We Can” as well as utilizing his Hope Poster. All of his promotions resonated with US citizens with the idea of a brighter future that is attainable. The “Yes We Can” is the people’s rally cry that they do believe in the change proposed by Obama, the proposal of Hope. All of his played off of one another and made all three designs memorable instead of capitalizing on only one.


Those are only a few of the unforgettable campaign slogans presidential hopefuls have used throughout the years. There is more and there will definitely be more to come. What’s your favorite campaign slogan?

We at PinProsPlus thank you for reading our little crash course on the history of some campaign slogans.  If you have any presidential campaign buttons or even lapel pin needs, feel free to ask us for a free quote. We’ll be more than glad to help!