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What We Do

PinProsPlus is a supplier of custom metal products: pins, coins, buckles, buttons, finisher metals, key chains, and more. Even if it is not listed here we have sources for so much more, give us a call and we will take care of you.



PinProsPlus was founded in 2003 as a website designed to buy, sell and trade Disney pins and Olympic pins to avid collectors and traders who knew the value of these pins. It became apparent very quickly that there are many companies, organizations and individuals that need custom made lapel pins every day. Thus, PinProsPlus evolved into a designer, seller and manufacturer of custom pins and now produces inexpensive, good quality products online for everyone and every need.


In early 2007, PinProsPlus was purchased from the original owner and moved to Utah where it operated for another year and a half as a division of a much larger company. Bigger isn’t always better and PinProsPlus got lost a bit in the shuffle. At the end of 2008 PinProsPlus was sold to Craig Fry. It has been owned and operated by Craig Fry ever since and has grown into a well-respected company in the pin world. PinProsPlus literally sells over 2 million pieces a year to a very diverse group of customers.


As the owner, I take great pride in operating a company that is well respected and operates based on a single guiding principle — “Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason”. Sometimes this is difficult, but we believe that if we always do the right thing regardless of short term outcomes – good things will happen and it will serve our customers best. It has proven true time and time again as our customers continue to come back and use our services. Give us a try, I know you will have the same positive experience.


At PinProsPlus we believe “promptness” is a major difference you will find. Quote requests within an hour, actually answering the phone, responding promptly to emails and questions, artwork in hours not days. This promptness typically “WOWS” our customers – because that is not the norm for most companies. Take a look at our reviews to see for yourself.


We serve many of the well-known organizations of the world including: Kentucky Derby Foundation, NASA, AirBNB, JetBlue, Worldventures, TA Travel, Scentsy, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Orlando Magic, Cabela’s, Barnes & Noble, Royal Caribbean and many other organizations – both big and small.


Our Philosophy

At PinProsPlus we try to do the right things to serve our customers, because we know your experience will be the deciding factor as to whether you come back and whether you spread the word to others. We look forward to serving you here at PinProsPlus where we do things just a little different than the rest.

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