Pinsanity at the Alpine World Ski Championships

Vail Daily Gondola Pin Designed by PinProsPlus

The Alpine World Ski Championships started four days ago, and it’s safe to say that the daily pins are a big hit!  Each day when the new pin is released, they are ceremoniously added to the lanyard of their new owner and displayed for all to see. 

Pins have become a standard collectible at all high profile competitions, including the Sochi Olympics.  Pins were created to commemorate different sporting events, different athletes, and different media outlets (The New York Times and Wall Street Journal both created very successful pins). “Pinsanity” began to sweep through the event, causing spectators to collect and trade pins throughout the duration of the event. 

The Alpine Ski Championship is no exception, and PinProsPlus, along with Erin Boselli, designed all of the pins, making sure to incorporate the 2015 logo with important events from the competition.  There are even 15 pins designed specifically for Vail Daily.    

Pinsanity is being fully encouraged by the Vail Valley Foundation, and they are giving away a limited number of pins for each race around the Beaver Creek Plaza and the Championship Plaza.  If you miss out on the free pins, you can purchase all 15 Vail Daily pins for $150, instead of the $225 it would cost if you bought them separately.  They are also offering lanyards to keep and display your growing collection. 

To read more about the Pins for Vail Daily read their post, Crowd going crazy for World Championships pins 

If you are hosting an event you think would benefit from a little “pinsanity”, PinProsPlus has a large selection of lapel pins in every shape, color, and style.