American Flag Lapel Pin - Learn The History

american flag lapel pinThe Stars and Stripes may have been established as a symbol of solidarity at the founding of the United States of America, but the history of its use is not quite as predictable as one would imagine. It has often taken substantial conflict and strife to draw out the use of this symbol in the American people, from flying the flag in the Civil War all the way to wearing an American flag lapel pin today.

Taking a Stance in the U.S. Civil War

Contrary to popular opinion, the American flag was not flown outside of households much following the War of Independence. It was not until the U.S. Civil War, when the South began to have some success on the battlefield, that Northerners began hoisting up American flags to show their patriotism and their belief in the Union.

Expressing Patriotism

This connection to conflict is something that continues up to present times. The American flag lapel pin really took off during the cultural upheaval in the 60s and 70s, when people saw an opportunity to express their patriotism by wearing the flag on their lapels. This was in contrast to the counter-culture movement that was wearing American flags as shirts and even sewn to the bottom of their pants.

Presidential Adoption

It was not just everyday people that began using the American flag lapel pin to take a stand. President Richard Nixon decided that all of his staff should wear an American flag lapel pin so that the public could see it. This use in the White House caused a large number of everyday citizens to also wear the pins in show of support, both for their country and their president.

President George W. Bush also wore similar lapel pins along with his staff following 9/11. Even President Barack Obama wears an American flag lapel pin to demonstrate his patriotism and love of his country.

The American Flag Lapel Pin As A Personal Symbol

While the history of the flag lapel pin has been wrapped up in many momentous occasions throughout the country's history, there have also been many everyday people who have chosen to wear the symbol for their country on their lapel for less contentious reasons. Some just love their country, some like the way it looks and some appreciate the history of the lapel pin.

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