Play Ball...It's Baseball Trading Pin Season

baseball trading pin


Everyone knows about baseball trading cards, but for those in youth leagues, there is a far more important collectible: the baseball trading pin. These pins are distributed by teams and leagues to commemorate the most important aspects of youth baseball, such as the teams and leagues themselves, top tournaments, and other events. They are often marked with the year as well as the organization distributing them, so they serve as great commemorative pieces for decades to come.

As with other collectibles, the value of these trading pins for baseball are driven by more than nostalgia or the desire for a souvenir. Their quality, design, size, rarity, and team association all come into play. At the youth level, outrageous baseball trading pin designs are especially prized. It can cost a player several normal pins to secure one eye-catching one. Of course, the record of the team is also important. Everyone loves a winner – and the Little League trading pins that the winning team brought along.

Adults also collect these award pins. This is done for the same basic reasons adults like to collect anything of this nature. They're interested in the game, but they also care about things like completing sets, showcasing different designs, and other related interests. For an adult collector, rarity is king. The ability to snag a rare pin can make the difference between whether or not a collection can be completed.

People always love  winners, so pins from championship teams will fetch more cash. Serious collectors should also keep an eye on the quality and condition of the pins they see. Mint condition is always king, but it's important to be sure that the pins are of the purported vintage. Watch for things like backings, manufacturing methods used, and other tells.

Youth baseball organizers see many benefits in the trading of baseball pins. This trade encourages players from various teams to talk to each other rather than see each other as enemies, and the pins provide a great icebreaker for conversation. They also hope that long-term friendships will result.  


If you run a baseball team, local league, or related group, don't miss out on this fun.  If your team or league needs custom baseball trading pins, call PinProsPlus today