Basketball Pins - Dream Big

Commemorative basketball pins recognize big things.  On February 27th 2016 NBA legend Bob Pettit was honored by LSU by unveiling a statue of him pulling up for a jump shot.  Similarly September 8, 2011 LSU unveiled a Shaquille O’Neil statue honoring him throwing down a monster dunk.  In my own home town of Salt Lake City, Utah there is a statue of John Stockton assisting with a pass to Karl Malone.

These 4 individuals were great NBA players and are recognized worldwide for their particular talent. However, rarely is a person able to predict early in life the great accomplishments they will achieve.  I am certain none of these individuals had thoughts ever that a statue would be erected in their honor.

The most recent of these Bob Pettit, on February 27, surrounded by his 10 grandchildren at the northwest corner of the PMAC, was able to pull off the tarp revealing a tall slender statue of himself. He never dreamed that a man who was cut from his Baton Rouge High School team as a freshman and sophomore would ever be in this type of position.

He said, “He couldn’t have even set a goal for something like this. My ambition as a sophomore in high school was to win a letter by the time I was a senior.  That was all I wanted.”

Not everyone will be honored with a statue. Not everyone will have their name in lights.  But that should not stop us from dreaming big.  There are extraordinary things that happen every day by ordinary people like you and me.  So dream big, work hard and your accomplishments will be recognized in other just as meaningful ways.  

Every day at PinProsPlus we come to work and look forward to the stories that get told by a simple little lapel pin. The designs are simple, but the stories behind them are so much more meaningful.  We were able to produce custom lapel pins as part of the statue unveilings, for both Pettit and O’Neil, and were excited to be a part of it in just a little way. Create custom commemorative basketball pins like the pin of the Shaq statue at LSU shown below with PinProsPlus!

commemorative basketball pins







Think of pins a little statue’s. Who or what can you commemorate.  Whatever it is we at PinProsPlus can help.