Barbershop Pins: The Comeback. The Lifestyle.

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Barbershop pins are making a splash.  How often do you see red-and-white-striped barbershop poles nowadays? Despite the current lack of these iconic markers, barbers are still around and making a comeback.  Don’t believe me?  Just think about it. Perhaps you’ve seen the trailers for the movie Barbershop: The Next Cut.  Maybe you’ve been reading up on the art of manliness which claims that all men should go to a barbershop.  Perhaps you’ve become a hipster and are utilizing this non-mainstream (yet so mainstream) avenue for your cut and shave.  Whichever way it might be, barbers are re-invading the nation and you’ve most likely, maybe even without realizing it, noticed. 

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What is a Barber Shop? Barbers are trained to cut men and boy’s hair. Their training specifically involves clippers and razors, especially useful for gentlemen’s locks and beards, as opposed to scissors that are involved in a cosmetologist’s education.  In the peak of the barbershop times, men would descend on the shop not only for a trim and shave but also for conversation about politics, sports, cars, and life.  Instead of a stilted one-on-one chat with a hairstylist they had manly chats that incorporated all those in the vicinity: barber, haircut-ee and other waiting customers.  Perhaps that’s one reason for the return of the barber: nostalgia for the “good old days” and the desire for a rousing chat session.

Even though you may be able to find yourself a barber today, it’s less likely you’ll see a large striped pole hanging over their storefront. These markers have moved inside and shrunk, sometimes even down to only a small lapel pin on the shop owner’s jacket.  But they still represent a profession where good grooming and friendly debates go hand in hand.  And perhaps they’ll usher in the return of barbershop quartets as well.   After all, if Peyton Manning can sing in one (remember that commercial?) then it’s only a matter of time till we’ll all be joining our voices in catchy four-part harmony.

If you like the lifestyle and you frequent a barbershop in your community, maybe just maybe you have seen PinProsPlus barbershop pins like one of these. Contact us to create your own custom barbershop pins.

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