Motivational Pins: Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Motivational pins are a tactile way to provide support and encouragement to someone.  They can be used in business, athletics, academics… the list goes on and on.  But one of the best times to use motivational pins is the beginning of a year.  A New Year brings new beginnings and New Year’s resolutions.  These resolutions are often centered on self-improvement.  However, despite the popularity of New Year’s resolutions only 8% of people actually accomplish their goals.  It sounds like goal setters need all the motivation they can get!

New Year’s resolution origins

New Year’s resolutions are a tradition with religious origins.  From the Babylonians to the Romans, many empires began each year with promises to their gods.  The promises varied from a commitment to chivalry to a vow to pay debts or return borrowed objects.   These days’ resolutions often involve money or weight.  In fact, in 2015, the number one New Year’s resolution was weight loss. 

Keeping up with your goal

Although an only 8% achievement rate seems to make setting goals moot, there is some purpose and benefit.  Studies have found that those who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to accomplish them than those who only vaguely set goals.  Meaning you’ll never get there if you don’t plan to get there.  And working towards a goal can help you learn valuable skills such as persistence and patience. 

If you’re still unsure whether you have the willpower to complete a resolution, don’t worry.  Researchers say achieving your goals isn’t about willpower.  It’s about learning the right skills and having the right strategies.  And we here at PinProsPlus can help you with one right strategy—motivational pins.  Wearing motivational pins can let others know about your goal and help keep you accountable.  It can also be a reminder and a motivator.  So go ahead and make your New Year’s resolutions.  With motivational pins from PinProsPlus you’re sure to reach them and join the 8%!