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We at PinProsPlus are proud to be partnered with NASA, creating their commemorative nasa pins that are designed after the patches worn on each mission of the International Space Station (ISS). We are even happier to announce that a shipment of supplies has been launched successfully to reach the ISS Wednesday. In honor of the momentous feat, let us tell you a bit about the endeavor, Expedition 45, and how PinProsPlus helps turn space mission patches into commemorative lapel pins.

Resources to Reach ISS Successfully

Yesterday, December 7, 2015 marks the first successful shipment of US supplies to the International Space Station since April. Earlier in July the SpaceX rocket was the 3rd failed attempt. With this slew of unsuccessful missions, the resources had been running thin. As the Atlas 5 rocket flew off into space, it was not only bringing goods for the astronauts on the space station. It was bringing hope, relief, and an overall sense of excitement. Many in NASA and the US are thrilled about this success and the continuing work of the scientists aboard the International Space Station.


Expedition 45's lapel pin designed by PinProsPlus.

What Is Expedition 45?

The crew of the ISS changes frequently, with members swapping out (more or less) every six months. Each specific crew is allocated a number, the Expedition Number. The ISS is currently on Expedition 45 (Expedition 46 is planned to launch December 15th). Along with its own specific crew, each expedition often has its own goals and tasks that it needs to complete. A top priority is always installing and maintaining the equipment of the International Space Station. Along with that, Expedition 45 is focused on searching for dark matter and measuring cosmic rays, even seeing how fire burns differently in space. Examining these factors, the crew hopes to help improve fuel efficiency both in space and back on earth! The operations of the ISS are all attempting to push humanity forward.

Space Mission Patches & Lapel Pins

So where does PinProsPlus come in? Each expedition receives a patch in honor of it, specific to the mission. Expedition 45’s patch pays tribute to those whose knowledge has allowed for these achievements as well as the greatness humanity will attain in the future. The patch’s base is a book with the peak of the mountain containing the vastness of space and Earth. The ISS is depicted by a shining beacon in the middle. We pay our respects to these scientists and so many others by our partnering with NASA. We have taken the NASA mission patches designs and turned them into beautiful commemorative NASA pins for the astronauts and others to wear proudly or collect fondly.

nasa pins

The lapel pin for the upcoming Expedition 46 by PinProsPlus.

Do you have a favorite Expedition or story about the International Space Station?

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