PinProsPlus Makes Wasatch Soccer Tournament Pin!

Wasatch Soccer Tournament Pins.  Remember those soccer tournaments you’d participate in as a kid where you’d play for hours no matter the weather, dirty all your clothes and wouldn’t care, and walk away with a prize that would be your pride and joy? A new generation is experiencing that same excitement, and PinProsPlus is proud to contribute to it.

If youWasatch Soccer Tournament Pin’re from the Kaysville and Layton areas of Utah, you might be familiar with the Wasatch Soccer Tournament, an annual Memorial Day tradition since 1989. In its 26th year, the organization has grown to include 215 teams. That’s 3,100 players participating! The organization has grown about 20% the past few years, and brings together teams from as far as Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. With that many kids and families coming together for a single weekend, it’s important to the organization to commemorate everyone while still keeping costs low.

In past years, attendees were given t-shirts, but the organization wanted to create something new (and different from the many other tournaments that teams travel to). We worked with Wasatch Soccer to create a two inch wasatch soccer tournament pin, and there was an overwhelmingly positive response. People were asking if they could buy extra soccer pins to commemorate the event. We were fortunate that Wasatch Soccer had such kind feedback for us after working together:

“We would like to thank PinProsPlus for being so great to work with and for designing such a great, eye-catching pin.”

If you have events or tournaments you’re planning, contact us to develop memorable sports lapel pins.  Pins are a great alternative to t-shirts or other more expensive products. Pins are simple to order, last forever, can be displayed on backpacks no mater where they go and less expensive.  Pins are small but kids love them, and like to collect them.