How To Earn A Boy Scout Merit Badge

boy scout merit badge

Earning Boy Scout Merit Badge

Because there are so many different areas where one can earn a boy scout merit badge, the actual work required for each can vary quite a bit. However, the general merit badge process is pretty simple and straightforward. It goes like this:

  1. Decide on a subject – The Scoutmaster will have a list of all the different merit badges one can earn and the requirements for each of those badges. Someone interested in earning a merit badge should talk to the Scoutmaster, review the different badges and their requirements, and then inform the Scoutmaster that he is interested in pursuing a particular merit badge.
  2. Get the application – The unit leader will give the scout an application for the merit badge that will have the information for the merit badge counselor. This person has the skills and expertise to advise the scout on how to get the merit badge, and will ultimately be the person who decides if the scout has earned the badge.
  3. Contact the merit badge counselor – The scout must contact the merit badge counselor and discuss what he needs to do to earn the badge. Usually this will take some time and practice, and will require the scout to meet with the counselor to discuss his progress and what he needs to do to advance in his knowledge.
  4. Employ the Scout Buddy System – The scout can only meet with the merit badge counselor if he has a buddy with him. This person can be another scout, a parent or another relative.
  5. Practice – Whatever the scout is pursuing, chances are it will require some practice to get to the point where a merit badge is warranted. This may take time and a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it when he is able to show off his stuff to the merit badge counselor.
  6. Present to the counselor – Once the scout is ready, he will demonstrate his knowledge or skills to the merit badge counselor. If he is successful, he will earn the badge.

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