Business Pins - 3 Ways Businesses Use Pins

business pinsThe New Year has been rung in, ending the holiday season. For most that means that the celebrations are over and it’s back to work. We at PinProsPlus want to celebrate the jacket or vest accessory that’s always working for your company. That’s right, today we’ll tell you 3 ways businesses use business pins to benefit employees, customers, and themselves.

Celebrate Employees and Their Achievements

Do you have exceptional employees? Of course you do! Show them how well they’re doing and how much they mean to your company with employee recognition lapel pins. It can be your company’s logo, an “employee of the month” badge or something humorously tongue-in-cheek. Whatever it is, make it fun and something they want to wear. That way, they can display their successes proudly on their chest.

Reward Customers with Business Pins

Your customers are just as important as your employees (if not more so, it seems sometimes!), so why would you want to ignore them? They return to you frequently for your excellent services and tell their family and friends about what you offer. That leaves you with one task: to reward your customers for their continued support and business! Let them show their love for your business with a repeat customer button or give them the option to buy your logo as a lapel pin to display on jackets or bags. That way you get a little extra business and they can display your brand!

Advertise Your Brandbusiness pins

Your employees and customers aren’t the only ones who can use a boost from your business pins. With lapel pins, you please those who help you and you get to help yourself in the meantime. Corporate pins are a cheap and convenient way of advertising your brand. When your stylish logo is emblazoned on a hard enamel pin, it’s bound to attract people’s eyes. They either ask about the pin or remember it later when looking for the type of services you offer. People recognize you better and are more likely to come to you because of your company logo lapel pins.

Do you use lapel pins? How have you achieved success with them?

Corporate pins have the capacity to help everyone who uses them. So don’t delay, reach out to us for a free quote to get your employee recognition lapel pins, company logo pins, advertising pins and more!