Campaign Buttons – A Primer

campaign buttons


Now that the electoral season has begun, hopefuls partake in debates and are on the campaign trail. They do what they can to get their policies across and in your mind. Their faces are on prime time television slots and the sides of bus terminals while their slogans fly by on the bumpers of cars. Or more intimately, you may see their likeness or promises summed up on the lapel pin of a friend or relative. Campaign buttons are a tried and true method of advertising for political hopefuls that have a rich history and, although have fallen off a bit, are still used today.


The History of Political Buttons

More often than not, when you look at advocates for any potential candidate, they are holding signs, raising awareness, and wearing lapel pins for their cause. The surprising fact is that this technique of advertising is not at all recent to our lifestyles. Actually, these accessories date back as far as George Washington. During those stages of technology, the buttons would be custom patches that would be sewn directly onto the buttons of a jacket or other article of clothing. As campaigns and technologies evolved, so did the buttons themselves. Manufacturers switched to metal and use pins to affix the buttons to their display surfaces. The first photographic pin was in 1860 used by, among other political hopefuls, Abraham Lincoln. The pins would be covered with paper with the image and then protected by a veneer of plastic until equipment advances to lithograph the image directly onto the pin. With modern technology, people utilize “web pins.” These are buttons that website owners place on their page to inform visitors of their affiliations or beliefs.

 Recent Campaign Buttons

Campaign buttons are still utilized today. 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush uses a classic approach to his lapel pin. His state “Jeb 2016 President” in red, white, and blue. Or “JEB ‘16” with his face prominently displayed on it. Viewers know who is being supported and for which election he is running. President Obama had several different ones over the course of his campaigns. His most famous buttons featured his rising sun logo, prominently encompassing the face of the accessory. They did not necessarily need his face or year to convey his message. People knew from research and recognition whom that button supported. It was a memorable approach at campaigning.

What is your favorite campaign button?

No matter the year, the party, or the approach, PinProsPlus acknowledges the effort and creativity that goes into any campaign. We respect your endeavors political or otherwise and would be more than glad to help you design the perfect custom campaign buttons for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments regarding our custom button pins services.