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Whether it is 9/11, Veteran’s Day or one of the many specific military holidays, it is important that Americans join together to support our troops. Giving their lives for our country and placing themselves in the direct line of fire to preserve our freedom and heritage takes honor, wisdom and courage. The military adorns their soldiers with specific, decorated pins, albeit it lapel pins, custom pins or customizable pins. Every division of the U.S. military has their own specific pins, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Designed to preserve and protect our freedoms, these military lapel pins are intended to commemorate achievements, memories and announce promotional ranks.


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Additionally, many veterans and military relatives proudly wear military pins, including World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghan War and Iraq War pins, commemorating those who fought and died to protect our country. As well, each branch of the military specializes in different things and thus likes to display what they specialize in. For example, pilots typically enjoy showcasing their flight duties by wearing aircraft pins, such as an F-35 Lighting, Hamilton Standard, A-4, Intruder, F-15, F-14A Tom Cats, F-18 Hornets, FA-18 Blue Angels, Cobra Helicopter, USA Aviation, UH-60 Blackhawk, Apache and many more. The military also supports a number of military service and medal pins, including the distinguished Cross, Legion of Merit, Flying Cross, Airman’s Medal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Aerial Achievement, Commendation, POW Medals, Good Conduct and NATO Medal. While some veterans prefer to be buried with their medals, family members can purchase replicas so they can create their own memorials of their loved one’s accomplishments. PinProsPlus helps design a number of unique military lapel pins, honor pins, veteran pins and patriotic pins. Whether consumers are looking for an American Flag, In God We Trust, Yellow Ribbon, Support Our Troops, 9/11 Eagles, United in Memory, U.S. Map, Statue of Liberty, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Live Free or Die, U.S.A. Guardian Angels, Seal of the U.S.A. or 9/11 Ribbon pins, they will help consumers create unique designs and/or traditional pieces that showcase pride in our great nation.




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