Collectible Pins Give Fans A Unique Experience

Movies and television have some of the most dedicated and extreme fans. These excited followers of shows such as Star Trek, Harry Potter, or Doctor Who, do everything from faithfully watching TV seasons and feature films, to dressing up as characters and collecting exclusive memorabilia like collectible pins.  And while those involved in a fandom often dominate the field when it comes to purchasing merchandise, even casual fans can find joy in owning the exclusive items.

While fan merchandise can be anything from action figures to movie posters, one of the most classic items is a collectible lapel pin. These little keepsakes can be displayed, traded, or worn, and are often more versatile in their use than other souvenirs.  One company, Fansets, has recently been trying to bring collectible pins to a new level by involving apps and technology.   They’re unveiling their new pins just in time for the 50th anniversary of a show with an enormous fandom: Star Trek.  

Fansets has been working with PinProsPlus to design exclusive collectible Star Trek pins for fans of the Star Trek show and films, and they’re also including a new technology called Augmented Reality in some of the pins. Augmented Reality pins use a special app on your smartphone or tablet to show a 3D image associated with each collectible pin.  It can also recreate scenes from the classic show or movie when a group of particular pins are collected together.  The app is activated by moveable portions of the pin, or by the pin’s specific shape.  This technology presents an entirely new fan experience for the pin collectors and increases the uniqueness of the collectible pins.

Collectible lapel pins are a good way to display your love of a show like Star Trek, however you can also have a collectible pin for sports teams, events, clubs, or groups. These bits of memorabilia provide a connection with something special, allowing those who own them to remember a specific time or happening.  Let PinProsPlus help you design your own collectible pin.

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