Collectible Scooter Pins – Who would have thought?

Collectible scooter pins are one scooter, but when I think of scooters my mind immediately goes to Taipei, Taiwan. A person cannot imagine so many scooters unless you have seen it for yourself. The pictures below are not an exaggeration.  They are literally everywhere, and it doesn’t matter if it is raining – they are moving on scooters.  It was quite the image to behold.

collectible scooter pins








Taipa Scooters






I bring up scooters because we have several customers that we do pins for each year that are likewise excited about scooters, but not just any scooter – Cushman Scooters. Ever heard of them?  Well if you were born after 1966 there is a good likely-hood you have never have.

The Cushman Company began operation in 1903 in Lincoln, Nebraska producing engines for farm equipment, boats, pumps, and mowers. But in 1936 began producing scooters to help sales of their Husky engine during the depression.  They produced various models through the years, but their most successful scooter was name the “Eagle” and was produced for 16 years. 

Here is a 1957 model, almost looks like a baby Harley.


1957 Eagle Cushman


Cushman ended production of scooters in 1966 and because of this they have become collector’s items for people who like to ride, buy, sell, repair, restore and generally just show off their scooters.

The Cushman Club of America was started to bring together these enthusiasts so they could help and assist one another in this hobby.  The Cushman Club of America boasts membership of 4000 all dedicated to preserving and restoring Cushman Motor Scooters.

PinProsPlus has created pins for several of these people who like to go brag about their scooters in a little different way. Even if they don’t have their scooter with them, they can show it in pin form.

Collectible scooter pins – who would have thought they would cross paths – ingenious.

Here are few of the scooter pins we have done over the years.

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