Custom Belt Buckle - The History

custom belt buckle The custom belt buckle once a device designed for necessity, the belt buckle has become a means of expression and celebration for many people. With a long history that continues on into the modern era, belt buckles are both useful and fashionable. Having lasted this long, belt buckles are likely to continue to be an important clothing accessory for many years to come.

Belt Buckles Found Throughout History

Humans have been using buckles to attach two ends of a length of material for a considerable amount of time. Belt buckles are known to date back to the Iron Age and hunter/gatherer societies are also known to have created belt buckles out of the materials they had available – like antler or bone.

The fact that humans have found belt buckles so universally useful is not surprising. There are few things handier than a length of rope or leather. With a buckle, one can attach and detach something repeatedly – something that most anyone can find helpful.

In the Movies

The use of belt buckles ranges continued into the first half of the 20th century – but this time they reached a special level of popularity. Silent films and later Talkies would portray western heroes and villains with special buckles, buckles that the public wanted for themselves. Thus the western buckle was born.

Western buckles weren't the only buckles around, however. Fashion buckles also developed a market of their own, giving wearers a number of options for looking good while wearing a belt. Ranging in materials from stainless steel, pewter, silver and gold, these buckles came in all shapes and sizes and designs.

Award Buckles

Specially made custom buckles have become a popular form of award for various competitions and sporting events. The Western belt buckle became the trophy for many rodeo events while different award buckles are awarded at many endurance events and ultra-marathons. Giant custom belt buckles are even awarded at wrestling events.

Custom Belt Buckle Today

Today many people wear belt buckles for fashion purposes, even un-tucking their shirts to show off the buckle. It is normal now to see customized belt buckles, personalized belt buckles and special slogans and graphics on belt buckles.

It has never been easier to create personalized western belt buckles – whether for fashion, supporting a cause or for an award.

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