Custom Die Cast Lapel Pins are Like.....

Trying to describe an unknown product to a customer is difficult. Having a point of reference  or a visual improves that process greatly. Custom die cast lapel pins are one of those products that are very  difficult to describe.  Diecast pins are not the most common type pin, and in fact many factories do not even have the machinery to produce this style.

Recently while in Hawaii I saw a Banyan tree for the first time. A banyan tree is a massive tree whose trunk spreads like an above ground root system with branches shooting down to the ground and anchoring themselves like another trunk.  This effect creates holes and tunnels between its various trunks.  It will literally spread as wide as you will allow it to go.

Banyon trees are like custom die cast lapel pins


The banyan tree is the national tree of India but was introduced into the US in Fort Myers, Florida and Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii and has flourished. In Lahaina it literally spread over an acre of land in the center of the town.  Robinson Crusoe built his home in a banyan tree in Daniel Defoe’s 1719 novel.   The banyan tree looks like a children’s playground.


So diecast unique pins are like a banyan tree. If you were to make a pin of a banyan tree, the diecast process would be the only process that could produce the holes and cutouts and slots of a banyan tree.


Like a banyan tree a diecast pin is unique, different, and interesting.

Die cast lapel pins are made by creating a mold that has tunnels and channels. Liquid metal is then poured into the cavity of the mold and forced into these tunnels and channels. Liquid metal is then poured into the cavity of the mold and forced into these tunnels and channels.  The metal is then hardened and the mold is removed leaving the metal parts with the  holes  and cutout areas.  In addition enamel can then be added just like hard and soft enamel pins to produce full color cutout pins.

In many cases other than the cutout areas a person cannot tell the difference between a hard enamel, soft enamel or diecast pin.

Here are some examples of custom die cast lapel  pins – one word to describe diecast is UNIQUE.

custom die cast lapel pins