Destination Imagination: More than an Educational Event

destination imagination pinsDestination Imagination is a unique event for showcasing innovation and leadership in a variety of categories. It draws over 16,000 students from across the world to compete in teams to meet challenges in the fine arts, science, technology, structure, and improvisation. The event is run by volunteers and operates on a non-profit basis, and is meant to motivate students to come up with innovative approaches to the challenges presented.

One of the unique things about Destination Imagination, or DI, is that it is not limited to STEM subjects like so many other such programs. While these fields are represented, the DI organizers realize that other subjects are also important. Therefore, it includes arts and a category referred to as "service-learning" in its range of possible foci.

Of course, fun is a big requirement of any successful student program of this nature, and the events offer plenty of it both during and after the official challenges. There are lots of physical activities to help the children blow off energy in an enjoyable way as well as a thriving pin trading culture. With all of this fun, some may wonder if the program accomplishes any academic purpose. It turns out that it certainly does! Students who participate score higher on tests of creativity, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and other important benchmarks.

Destination Imagination pin trading is an amazingly huge aspect of the DI experience. It's such a big thing that the organization has even set up rules and a trading area just for this activity. Some of the rules are basic, such as to only trade in the designated areas and to clean up any mess you make. Others attest to the fact that there are people of many different ages and experience levels present; the rules explicitly say not to take advantage of the less-experienced pin traders.

The pins that are traded are the ones that each team has made for its members, and the organization believes that trading them helps foster friendship and a feeling of camaraderie for the event. It also makes it possible to get souvenirs from teams that come from all over instead of just one.

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