PinProsPlus To Design Pins For DI Global Finals

DI 2015 will mark the seventh year that PinProsPlus will design trading pins for this fantastic event. We are proud to produce pins for some of the participants.

What Is - DI -Destination Imagination?

If you are unfamiliar with what Destination Imagination is all about, here is a little background. DI, as it’s also called, is a non-profit, volunteer-led, cause-driven organization. It’s purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Over 16,000 people from around the world will descend upon Knoxville, TN for the Destination Global Finals. Teams will compete in challenges spanning science, technology, fine arts, improvisation and structure.

Looks like fun doesn’t it?

PinProsPlus is proud to design pins for 15-20 teams participating in this year’s tournament. Pin trading is a huge part of the Destination Global Finals.  Participants are encouraged to trade pins which helps build friendships and shows good sportsmanship.

This is such an integral part of this tournament that there is even a code of conduct when it comes to the pin trade:

DI Pin Fair Trading Code

  1. Trading must be done in a fair and honest manner.
  2. NEVER take advantage of younger or less experienced traders!
  3. It is OK to say NO!  You can always walk away from a trade.
  4. Never force another trader to make a trade, no matter how badly you want their pin.
  5. Pins are only to be traded. The sale of pins from unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.
  6. We strongly encourage the practice of trading 1 pin for 1 pin or a pin set for another pin set of equal number.  However some pins are more desirable than others so you may have to give more ppins in some instances.
  7. Trade only in designated areas when inside the Convention Center.
  8. Don’t interfere with others’ trades.
  9. Clean up your mess!

Abide by the rules and have fun! 

Check out some of pins we designed over the years.

DI pins destination imagination lapel pins DI pins destination imagination lapel pins destination imagination lapel pins destination imagination lapel pins di pins destination imagination lapel pins

  Be sure to check back to the PinProsPlus blog for updates about Destination 2015!