Acknowledge Hard Work With Employee Recognition Pins

How often do we do something in the hopes of being recognized for our efforts? For most people it would probably be quite often.  People appreciate acknowledgement of their efforts, as it helps them feel valued.  When a person feels valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises.  Workplaces are full of employees who crave recognition.  Employee recognition pins is not only a way to validate or show respect for an accomplishment, but also a way to bring out the best in people, as well as improve a company’s bottom line.

Employee recognition can come in two forms- physical gifts/cash or verbal/written recognition. The timeliness of recognition can also come in two forms- day-to-day/spontaneous or following the accomplishment of a large goal.  While many employee recognition programs favor physical objects being presented after a large accomplishment, the spontaneous day-to-day verbal recognition is also important.  Day-to-day recognition brings the benefit of reinforcing desired behaviors, as well as sets an example for other employees of that desired behavior.

While employee recognition takes time and effort, the profits associated with its effects far outweigh the cost. In a study by O.C. Tanner Co. of 1000 employees from large businesses, seven out of 10 workers who received recognition for their work said they were happy with their jobs.  On the opposite side, only 39% of unrecognized employees felt satisfied.  When employees feel happy and fulfilled at their job they increase in productivity, engage more with their colleagues to create a better team environment, are more likely to stay in a job thus decreasing turnover rates, and are more motivated to provide the best work and service.

People appreciate being appreciated. As you work to build an employee recognition program, PinProsPlus can create employee recognition pins to help.  These high quality, custom pins can improve morale by acknowledging an employee’s value and efforts.   Have PinProsPlus design your employee recognition pin today and start saying “thank you” to your employees.