Environmental Pins to Promote World Environment Day

Have you ever seen a dodo bird? What about blamed bad weather on global warming? There are many things that are slowly disappearing or changing due to the treatment of our planet.  Corporations promote their feelings about the environment through environmental pins.  In an effort to promote change, each June the United Nations hosts World Environment Day, a day used for encouraging action and creating awareness for the protection of our environment.  Since its creation in 1974, the WED has worked to take action on issues from marine pollution to wildlife crime.  It has gradually grown to a global platform, involving millions of people worldwide, and is currently celebrated in over 100 countries.

The World Environment Day serves as a day when ordinary people can do something to take care of the Earth. Whether it is a solo activity or a community event, the hope is that everyone will do something to become an agent for change and preservation.  This year there are over 500 activities registered for the WED, including the official events in Angola (this year’s host country).  The activities can range from competitions to arts and crafts, film festivals to sporting events.  Each activity for this year hopes to bring attention to and help prevent illegal trading in wildlife, which is the theme around which the 2016 WED is centered.  By working to safeguard local wildlife for future generations, they hope to prevent worldwide extinction of those species under threat.

The World Environment Day puts the energy of millions toward a common goal. That energy can be used to generate huge impacts on our environment and the planet.  PinProsPlus can create WED pins for your own activity or event that puts your energy towards being an agent for change.  They can incorporate the 2016 theme, Go Wild For Life, or even use a picture of the wildlife you’re focusing on preserving. However you want to create awareness for protecting our planet, PinProsPlus can help you create these environmental pins.