Pinning on Fashion With Fashion Pins

From Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Bjork’s swan dress, making a fashion statement often involves elaborate and outlandish garments - even fashion pins. Although those styles are also ridiculed as ridiculous, no one can question the impact they make.  Even those who have no care for fashion can recognize and remember dramatic and crazy outfits.  But despite the average person’s desire to stand out in their clothes, how many people really want to walk around in day to day life with feathers and meat attached to themselves?  Most likely, very few.  So how do the “average Joes” find a way to make a statement without all that fluff?  As Don Draper of Mad Men says, “Make it simple, but significant.”

Often times the smallest of items can make the biggest impact, like a fashionable pin. So it’s no surprise that those pins are the most recent comeback kid in fashion.  Though simple and small, they can add a pop of wow to any outfit.  Fashion pins have previously had a reputation of being old and stodgy, more apt to be used by the older generation than young millennials, but with the resurrection of classic style, traditional accessories such as pins are becoming more and more popular.  A pin is a convenient way to add small personal touches to a suit coat, bag, or collar.  These tiny objects can be customized to your own unique preferences, from emoji faces to more intricate logos and brands.  They have no function other than to be cool, which is obviously the part that makes them cool.   And since they’re simplicity makes them unisex (unlike a meat dress), anyone can pick up a pin and wear it.  

So whether you’re a fashionista who follows the trends or someone who simply throws on whatever’s clean, fashion lapel pins are the newest trend. Fashion at the prick of a pin.  Create your own fashion pins online with PinProsPlus today.

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