Fathers Day Pins For Dad

From playing catch with us in the backyard to teaching us how to work, fathers are an important part of our families. Each June, the third Sunday is dedicated to celebrating fathers everywhere.  Just as Mother’s Day is a chance to show appreciation to moms, Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to thank our dads.  Fathers day pins are a good option.

Wondering how did fathers day start? Father’s Day was first declared a national holiday in 1972 by President Nixon. However in 1910, Washington was the first state to celebrate Father’s Day, thanks to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd.  Dodd, who was raised by her widower father, wanted an equivalent day to Mother’s Day for male parents.  She worked with government officials, stores, local churches, and the YMCA to bring support to the idea.  After Washington’s celebration on July 19, 1910, the rest of the nation slowly began to catch the Father’s Day fever.

In the 1930’s, after gaining momentum on its way to becoming a national holiday, Father’s Day hit some obstacles. The first was the beginning of a movement that asked to abandon both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in exchange for one holiday: Parent’s Day.  However with the onset of the Great Depression many struggling retailers buckled down even harder on promoting gifts for Father’s Day in an effort to raise some sales, derailing the movement’s effort.  Following that, the start of World War II created the argument that Father’s Day was a way to celebrate the American troops and support the war effort.  So despite attempts to forgo the holiday, Father’s Day prevailed.

 Today people often honor their father’s with gifts such as ties, golf equipment, hats, or sporting paraphernalia.  For those looking for a unique gift idea, have PinProsPlus create special Fathers Day pins for your dad.  He can use his custom pin as a tie tack for all those ties he got the previous years!