Top 5 Music Festivals Of All-Time - Festival Pins

music festival pins


Music festivals have long been a part of life in America and other countries. These events bring many musicians together to perform for audiences that can be huge. Some of them have become so famous that historical souvenirs, such as music festival pins, are now worth plenty of money.

Here are some of the most famous festivals in the world:


It's been over 45 years since The Who, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and others graced the stage of the original Woodstock Festival. People are still talking about the wildness and shocking on-stage antics that happened here. "Revival" festivals have been held in subsequent years, but the Woodstock music festival pins that are worth the money come from the first one.

Glastonbury Festival

This show was originally called the Pilton Festival since it started in Pilton, England in 1970. Now, stars like Beyonce and Coldplay perform. The continued performances by hot acts ensure that band pins from this show will be almost immediately valuable.


Originally meant to be a touring festival, this show hit the scenes in 1991. It featured alternative rock, hip-hop, and other genres. The first festival did well, but a repeat attempt didn't take off. Its producers then decided to make it a destination, or non-touring, event. Now, fans can see it by coming to Grant Park in Chicago. Its history means that music festival souvenirs from its inaugural tour will be worth the most.

Live Aid

This was a huge deal back in 1985, not only because of the acts involved, but because of the purpose of the show. It was organized to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, and succeeded at pulling in $140 million for that cause. Famous acts like performed for free at two simultaneous concerts. Alas, items commemorating Live Aid were plentiful, so their value is likely to be depressed by the lack of rarity.


The first Bonnaroo festival took place in Manchester, TN, in 2002. What makes it so unique is that it sold out even without any traditional advertising. Its focus was folk/rock, and it featured the John Butler Trio, Norah Jones, and similar performers. Now, it has evolved into an eco-friendly festival with a whole village of related activities. Pins and other memorabilia from this festival will be worth more thanks to their rarity.

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