Custom Finisher Medals - To Finish or Not To Finish That is the Question

Today I have over 20 custom finisher medals, but it took time to get them.

Growing up I always wanted to run a marathon but could never consistently train.  I seemed to hit a barrier at 3 miles distance which is a long way from 26 miles.  Every summer I would start and stop and never really even come close.  Fast forward to 2001 and my life circumstances were much different.  I was married with kids sitting at a soccer game watching my son play and I saw a friend who is 5 years older than I am who had just finished his first marathon.  Something clicked and that was all the motivation I needed. If he could do it – I could do it.

That very day I searched and found a beginner marathon training schedule written by Al Higdon which required 18 weeks of training to adequately prepare you to finish a marathon. I started running and never missed a run and low and behold in 2002 I completed running my first marathon. 

Back then there were a grand total of 5 marathons in the state of Utah.  If you ran them all they called it the Grand Slam and you got this spiffy T-Shirt that you could wear to brag about your accomplishment.  Well I wasn’t that crazy; I never did run the grand slam but ran 2 marathons that year and essentially 0-3 marathons per year for the next 15 years.  I have now reached 19 marathons and hope to be able to get one more to reach the milestone of 20.  It just sounds better than 19.

Today the landscape of marathons is much different.  In 2001 there were 5 total in the state of Utah.  At last count there are now 29 marathons in the state of Utah alone and 701 scheduled throughout the United States.  That is a huge increase in popularity.  That equates to well over 600,000 people who finish a marathon each year. 

While I don’t know what has specifically caused this increase in popularity, I think it has to do with our innate desire to be fit and active – it isn’t always easy, but like me as you see someone accomplish that type of goal it awakens something inside you that says – if he can do it, I can do it.

So for a little motivation – 50,000 people run the New York City Marathon each year making it the largest marathon in the world, but there are much smaller marathons in your own back yard that often feature as few as 2-300 runners. PinProsPlus just completed the custom made medals for the Sand Hallow Marathon which finishes in the small town of Hurricane, Utah.

So if the question is to finish or not to finish – I say finish, I know you can.  Just think about the custom finisher medals they will drape over your neck that will help you relive the memory forever.

64128B-SAND-HOLLOW-MARATHON-2016 custom finisher medals