How Lapel Pins Are Symbols Of Free Speech

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Free speech pins - many people believe that free speech is an absolute right in the U.S., but in reality, there are many ifs, buts, and wherefores that can come into play. For example, the Supreme Court is expected to hear a case revolving around Texas' refusal to allow The Sons of Confederate Veterans to get a special license plate featuring the Confederate Battle Flag. The State of Texas argues that it is allowed to refuse license plate requests that would result in imagery or verbiage that would be offensive to citizens, and claims that this is permissible under the First Amendment since it doesn't allow those on the opposing side to have license plates either. On the other hand, the Sons of Confederate Veterans points out that Texas does indeed have a plate for a pro-Union group, and also claims that the state is violating its First Amendment right to free speech by refusing to print their plate.

The issue of what can be printed on material that is produced by a U.S. governmental body has been litigated before. At least one state, for example, tried to refuse to produce pro-choice license plates while agreeing to make pro-life ones. It turned out that this was not legal since the state was effectively endorsing one position over the other. Similar litigation has involved what is posted on government property, with various postings of the Ten Commandments often being argued over in court.

Fortunately, there are no such legal quandaries when it comes to private property. License plates legally are a "government-created forum," according to Michael C. Dorf, a professor of law at Cornell University Law School. This means that they are subject to greater government control. Private property such as land, lapel pins, homes, bumper stickers, and similar things are not as restricted. This is why it's legal to display the Confederate Battle Flag in these places, while Confederate license plates are unlikely to gain the approval of the Supreme Court once the case is heard.

Personalized pin buttons and lapel pins are an especially good medium for displaying political or social views because they’re easy to use and also serve as good jewelry accents for coats, scarves, and ties. These freedom of speech symbols have typical display locations that make them hard to miss without being over-the-top. No matter which viewpoints you hold, you can always exercise your free speech rights with free speech pins from