The History of Flower Pins

wedding lapel pins

Weddings have many longstanding traditions associated with lapel pins, and this gives them a distinctive look that instantly sets them apart from other types of get-togethers. One thing that is immediately noticeable is the presence of plenty of flowers. The bride holds a bouquet, the groom often has a boutonniere, and at the reception, flowers are on the tables and often adorning the walls.

Some men, however, prefer to avoid the boutonniere, whether out of a dislike for the look of it or because they don't want to have floral scent so close to their noses for hours. For them, groom lapel pins are saving graces. These lapel flower pins for men aren’t the standard inexpensive kind used to show support for teams and political parties. Instead, they show off intricately-crafted artificial flowers in classy and understated ways.

One may wonder how the tradition of wearing a flower in the lapel got started. It turns out that the history of flower lapel pins, according to legend, starts back at the taking of the wedding photos for the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The Queen gave Albert a flower, and to be a gentleman, he cut a hole in his lapel and inserted the stem. As was typical of the time, the people quickly imitated what the royals did, and the practice of flowers in lapels spread throughout the kingdom.

Soon after, it became clear that it wasn't practical to have to buy new flowers all the time, and flower lapel pins quickly overtook real flowers as the decorations of choice. Today, many people still use these pins whenever they want to dress up, though their elegance means they work very well as wedding lapel pins.

Today, flower lapel pins are gaining in popularity due to celebrities wearing them for fancy occasions. This has given them the perfect type of exposure to become hits in the modern age, both at weddings and elsewhere. They are familiar enough to fit into the traditional setting of a wedding, but unique enough to stand out as more creative than the usual boutonniere.

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