History of the Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

October is not only known for Halloween and the beginning of fall. It is an awareness month educating people about something truly scary: breast cancer. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month hits full swing you’ve probably seen coworkers or friends wearing the iconic lapel pin – the pink breast cancer ribbon, of course! The pink ribbon has reached everywhere from the collars of people’sshirts, to the grocery store, to sporting goods. It as well as the color pink raise awareness for breast cancer and general health and wellness for women everywhere. It reminds women (and even in some cases men) about the possibility of the disease and the fact that they need to get screened early before it is too late. So you know what the breast cancer ribbon is and what it represents, but what about where it came from? We at PinProsPlus are strong advocates of charities and support breast cancer awareness. We would like to teach you the history of the pink breast cancer ribbon.

pin-pros-plus-pink-breast-cancer-ribbon-lapel-pinThe Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon.

Who Created the Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon?

The first official use of the pink ribbon to promote breast cancer awareness was in 1991 by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They capitalized on the growing fame of the yellow ribbons for soldiers fighting overseas and even more so of the red AIDS awareness ribbon. It was displayed on the clothing of runners for the foundation’s Race for the Cure in New York City. It was received with such popularity that it was adopted as the official symbol for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month just one year later in 1992. Since then it has been used by most organizations and companies attempting to promote awareness for breast cancer.

Why is the Breast Cancer Ribbon Pink?

They chose pink because it is a diluted version of the red AIDS ribbon. The color is still reminiscent of the then newly popular ribbon while still being distinct and feminine. The breast cancer ribbon is pink because the color is emotionally and psychologically connected with womanhood. It represents the caring, goodness, beauty, and love that cancer takes away when it takes the lives of women. It also the fear of the disease, the hope for its eradication, and the goodness of people and charities who support the cause. Because the color has so many connections to women, the pink ribbon itself does not only support breast cancer awareness. It supports women in general and those who wear it 58934-MJMdisplay those feelings of goodwill.

Support your women and raise awareness for breast cancer with the pink ribbon and new pink ribbon history knowledge from PinProsPlus. We are proud to help any charity or non-profit program for the betterment of all people. If you or your charity needs help designing or creating lapel pins for your cause, feel free to reach out to us. Create custom breast cancer awareness lapel pins with PinProsPlus.

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