How to Encourage Professional Development

Corporate event planning takes great attention to detail; from schedules and transportation to decorations and activities, any company holding a conference understands the value of making attendees feel appreciated. We’ve collaborated with an organization that knows how to recognize each customer, even when there are hundreds of participants.

custom pins professional developmentIn the welcome bag at an annual internal learning event, which welcomes upwards of 500 guests each year, everyone receives the standard lanyard and name tag. Participants in the primary professional development programs also receive a pin specific to their level of expertise within a core topic (as shown by the image on the left). Peers within each group can recognize others during the conference, and it highlights the expertise of each individual.

The pins serve not only to recognize those enrolled in the program, but to encourage others to inquire about the opportunity and promote professional development. The wearers become ambassadors of the professional development curriculum, and the recognition lapel pins on the lanyards act as conversation starters. It helps everyone at the conference learn about additional resources for career growth and creates visibility for one of the company’s most important programs.

If you believe your company could benefit from something like this, please contact us to begin designing your custom lapel pin.