Don’t Just Design - Accessorize - Lapel Pin Accessories

Lapel pin accessories enhance any regular lapel pin.

I recently went from a cold snowy state to a warm sunny state for vacation.  The first thing I realized was I lacked the right clothing – flip flops, sun glasses, and hat.  These simple accessories make all the difference in a warm climate.

Like clothing, there are accessories or attachments that make the difference when you produce and design lapel pins.

The clutch on the back – do you want a metal butterfly clutch, a rubber clutch, deluxe clutch, a magnet back or screw back?

butterfly clutch for lapel pins - pin accessoriesdeluxe clutch for lapel pins - pin accessoriesround magnet for lapel pin - pin accessoriesClutch-Pointed screw back

Bling – do you need stones, glitter paint, glow in the dark paint, epoxy?

faux stones for lapel pins - pin accessorieslapel pin glitter paint  - pin accessoriesglow in the dark lapel pin paint - pin accessories

Packaging options – do you need each pin individually packaged in a simple poly bag, a backer card, a plastic box, or a velvet box?

lapel pin backer card - pin accessoriesPlastic lapel pin box - lapel pin accessories     Black velvet lapel pin box - lapel pin accessories

Each of these options has a place and a purpose but are often overlooked as most people do not know they are available.

A rubber clutch or butterfly clutch come free with each order and hold equally well. The deluxe clutch adds $0.35 cents per pin and gives you a locking clutch that will not fall off.  The magnet back adds about $0.75 cents per pin to the cost but provides a great alternative to poking a hole in your clothing.  The screw back option is great for holding permanently through leather jackets.

Bling gives you options to make your pin unique, give it style and make it stand out.  Stones make it more jewelry like, glitter makes it sparkle, glow paint is self-explanatory and epoxy adds just a little shine.

Packaging makes everything look more valuable when you design pins.  Standard packaging is an individual poly bag which is great and economical for distributing to individuals.  Boxes make your pin more of a valuable gift, backer cards add marketing and the ability to resale your pins.

So next time you create your own lapel pin think lapel pin accessories, don’t focus solely on the design, think also about the options available so that you produce something that fully accomplishes your purpose and need.