No Lapel Pin Artwork No Problem!

lapel pin artwork lapel pin artwork lapel pin artwork

Lapel pin artwork can seem daunting.  Have you ever not done something because of what you thought you lacked? As humans we have perceived notions in our minds that sometimes keeps us from doing something really good.

People often call wanting a custom pin made, but they don’t have any artwork. You can tell in their voice that they are pretty sure without artwork there is no way it can be done.

Our first response is no problem we can help design your own pin.

We offer FREE artwork services to all potential and existing customers. You never pay for artwork.

We know if we can get you a design you will love it, and then you will buy it. So it becomes a mutually beneficial opportunity. You get something valued at well over $50 for free and we get an order and a lifelong customer.

The process is really quite simple. Most people can visualize a design in their head but just don’t have the skill to put it into artwork form so with a few questions we can start visualizing your ideas and  make them come to life digitally.  Even if you can’t visualize a design we just start with a blank slate and start with a basic design and with a few revisions it soon becomes yours.  The great part about this process is  even if you decide against ordering you are not on the hook for anything – there really is no risk in the process.

Just the other day we had a potential customer contact us who provided the following information.

Lake George Winter Carnival can be round or cut out

That is all we got, there was nothing else, no picture, no website, nothing and the following is what was produced by our talented artist. A little research helped us identify what that particular event was all about and ultimately lead to a winning design.


We take the uncertainty out of your decisions by taking your rough ideas in whatever form they may be and then creating beautiful artwork for you to approve.

So now that we have clarified that perceived notion of lack of lapel pin artwork, don’t resist let PinProsPlus take your idea and make a beautiful lapel pin that will last forever. Its FREE and its EASY. Make a custom pin today!