Learning about Labor Day

Labor Day, Union Pins, and You

Take a moment and think. What will you be doing the first Monday in September? Will you be camping with friends? Enjoying a barbecue with relatives? Or just taking in the last moments by the pool before the close of season? What you (hopefully) didn’t say was “working” because it’s Labor Day!  So sit back, enjoy a break, and read up on why the majority of Americans relax on that initial Monday.


Labor Day – A History of Relaxation

A bunion member pinrief look into the history of Labor Day that the labor unions played a big part in how this holiday came into being. The first celebration was on September 5, 1882 in New York City. Americans agreed that they should respect and honor those who work day-in and day-out to make the United States such a great country. The Central Labor Union spearheaded the endeavor.  They assisted in establishing a parade in which other unions, and their members, marched proudly during the picnic held in their honor.



Pins and Patches – Laboring for the Unions


Even when you and your neighbors are not working, something is: pins! Think about all of the jobs of people you know alone – carpenter, plumber, IT manager, teachers – there is a union for each of them! Unions are constantly trying to secure better working hours, wages, and benefits for their members in all positions across this country. Since there is a union for every position, it can be difficult to differentiate between which union or branch a person may attend. So labor union pins and custom patches come into play to denote those specific details. These pins have been used since the 40’s to let others know the wearer belongs to a certain union or has attended a specific event. In more contemporary times union pins still indicate membership, but can also be worn simply to show support for unions. No matter what the details, these pins are reminders of the great things of which people in the United States are capable.


So while you enjoy your Labor Day, remember the history behind labor day and those who work as hard as you to make America wonderful. If you want to recognize one of those workers with custom pin buttons, feel free to contact us and we can help you create a pin as hard-working as the recipients.