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Doris Glenn

August 10, 2022

PinProsPlus provided quality, custom pins at a reasonable price. The process was easy to access and delivery was prompt. I highly recommend PinProsPlus.


Beth Maillho

August 6, 2022

Very pleased with the quality and ease of my order. Will definitely recommend!


Jennifer Parker

July 29, 2022

Shout out to Craig for his help!!!


Jennifer Wisel

July 28, 2022

Outstanding craftmanship. Quality product to represent our university. Thank you!


CJ Maziarz

July 11, 2022

Love my pins and the entire process was great. Speedy communication throughout the process and got them all well before they were promised.


Gilian Meyer

April 21, 2022

Next time I need pins made, PinProsPlus will be my go-to. The pins we ordered came out perfectly and my executives and sales team were very happy with them. Monty was easy to work with and was able to guarantee a timeline others weren't, with more customization options which allowed us to create exactly what we wanted by our event start date. Thank you!

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WARNING: This deal may close or increase in price without notice. Secure your free pin design for your order now👇


100% satisfaction guaranteed


Mike Ransom

April 6, 2022

Working with PinProsPlus was a pleasure. Our design was produced exactly as imagined and received very many compliments. Additionally, we were blown away by the speed at which we received the pins - over a week before we expected them. We would definitely use PinProsPlus for future orders.


Stephen Heyer

April 5, 2022

Great products, great service. And we received our pins a lot quicker than we thought we would get them.


Tim Taylor

March 30, 2022

Monty is the best~! He gets the job done and the quality is over the top~! i have sent tons of customers to him they take great care of all my friends and they always deliver the best product you can buy...


Debbie Mansell

March 29, 2022


Raven Carter

March 28, 2022

Fast turn around time. Monty was efficient and very professional. Thanks again!


Mohamed Ahmed

March 23, 2022

Frequently asked questions

Q. I don't have artwork but I have an idea. Can you do the artwork for me?

Absolutely. We have made pins from hand-written drawings on napkins. We’ll take your artwork in any format and convert it to manufacturing-ready artwork. Email whatever you have, even if it is just a description of your idea, to  sales@pinprosplus.com and we will create your masterpiece.

Q. How long does it take to make a custom pin?

In general die struck and enamel pins that are custom made with your design take 10 business days from order to delivery with rush shipping. Don’t be afraid to ask us if you need them sooner – we try to work miracles and can often deliver quicker if necessary.

Q. What about trademarks and licenses?

We do not make pins with licensed marks unless you hold the license. You will need to furnish proof that you have the right to use a trademarked logo or artwork. You agree to hold us harmless if sued. If we learn after making a pin that a trademark was violated, we will turn the matter over to the proper authorities.

Q. I'm confused by all these pin terms. Can you help?

Absolutely. Based on your art and budget, we will recommend the correct pin type. We are experts at this and will guide you with honest answers and opinions every step of the way. Discover how to choose the right pin type when beginning to customize your own pins.

Q. Why must there be borders around the colors and text on hard enamel and soft enamel pins?

Borders around the colors and text are very important. They separate each color.  Without the borders the paint would run together.  The borders create a recessed area or reservoir to hold the paint (enamel).  If there were no borders, the paint would not retain its shape. To eliminate borders there are two options: either a photodome (off-set printed) style pin or a hard enamel pin with silk screened colors.

Q. What if I don't like the pins after I receive them?

No worries. We stand behind what we sell. If there are manufacturing errors, we’ll fix them at our expense. Every single one of our pins are handled many times during the manufacturing process. Most errors are caught before we ship to you.  Like our guiding principle says we do the right thing for the right reasons.

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