Mathcounts Trading Pins

Read about mathcounts and how mathcounts trading pins influence students.

If you were to ask a student what their favorite part of the school day was, what would they say? Most often you would probably hear ‘recess’ or ‘lunch’, with the occasional ‘science’ or ‘reading’ thrown in.  But rarely (at least in my experience) do you hear a student say their favorite subject is math.

Why is it that no one enjoys math? Is it because it’s a subject people often struggle with?  Is it because math doesn’t involve exciting experiments or action-packed stories?  Or is it that we as a society have caused math to be viewed as boring and nerdy because of how it’s portrayed in movies and TV shows?  Just think, how often does a protagonist love and understand math?

Luckily there’s an organization that’s trying to change the perception of mathematics. MATHCOUNTS invites middle schools students of all abilities to engage in a fun and challenging math programs designed to expand a student’s academic opportunities and to help them overcome their mathematical fear.   The program works through three parts:  the competition series (a series of bee-style contests to challenge young mathematicians), The National Math Club (an enrichment program to provide resources needed to run a math club), and a math video challenge (a program allowing students to create original videos about math problems and their application in everyday life).  Each part attempts to unite students around the nation, inspire curiosity and confidence, and change the view of mathematics for the good.

With over 200,000 students participating, and chapters in each of the 50 states, the impact of MATHCOUNTS is reaching far. This year PinProsPlus was asked to create a Utah MATHCOUNTS team trading pin.   The Utah team will be heading to the Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition on May 7th. The National Mathcounts Competition is held in Washington D.C., and pits the top middle school students from each state against each other.  The event is broadcast through live webcast on the MATHCOUNTS website. Keep an eye out for the teams mathcounts trading pins if you watch it, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover that math isn’t so bad after all!

70251-UTAH-MATH-COUNTS  Mathcounts trading pins