Museum Pin To Display Works Of Art

PinProsPlus has recently completed a custom museum pin for the Jewish Museum in New York in preparation for their upcoming exhibit Take Me (I’m Yours).

Found on New York’s Museum Mile, the Jewish Museum is one of the world’s prevailing institutions for exploring and displaying Jewish art and culture. Founded in 1904, the museum holds a collection of nearly 30,000 pieces of fine art, folk art, ceremonial objects, and more.

With over 40 artists participating, the Take Me (I’m Yours) exhibit works to display art in a way that encourages interaction with the pieces. Visitors can participate, touch, and take home works of art.  The exhibit was first displayed in London in 1995.  The original display had 12 artists featured and was meant to explore concepts of value and participation in the arts.  Now, over 20 years later and with an expanded roster of artists, the exhibit at the Jewish Museum will be the first time it has been presented in the United States.  It will include pieces from the original feature, as well as projects specific to New York and the institution, with many of the artists creating new works for the exhibition.

Along with rotating exhibits such as Take Me (I’m Yours), the museum also has permanent displays. Their central presentation is Culture and Continuity: The Jewish Journey, which tells the story of Jewish identity and culture.  The 800 pieces of art involved in the feature examine Jewish experience over 4000 years, and holds pieces from antiquity to present day.  The museum also features an interactive exhibit for children titled Discovering Treasures From Playgrounds to Palaces.  The display allows children the opportunity to take on the role of archeologist as they work to uncover clues about objects dating from present day back to ancient times.

With its unique and wide collection, the Jewish Museum provides people with the opportunity to explore various facets of the Jewish experience. It also hopes to educate current and future generations through its displays.  The Take Me (I’m Yours) exhibit will open in September.  If you attend the museum, see if you can spot the museum pin designed by PinProsPlus.  Or create your own museum pin to promote future fine art displays. Whatever you do, remember that custom designed pins by PinProsPlus are works of art themselves.

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