NFL Alumni - Helping Past Players and Caring for Kids

As most Americans know, the NFL has kicked off for another great year. Sundays are booked, parties are thrown, fantasy drafts are established, and the rivalries are stronger than ever before. Everyone is abuzz with the latest news, stories, and coverage. All in all, America is ready for some football. However, there is a life that goes on beyond the lights and the NFL altogether about which most people are unaware. After hanging their helmets for the final time, many players lead rough lives because of drastic changes in living, both physically and emotionally. Sports Illustrated back in 2009 noted financial troubles (alone) for 78% of former NFL players. Off the field, life is hard for many men, but The NFL Alumni is helping NFL retirees get back on their feet as well as helping communities grow and improve.

What is the NFL Alumni?

The NFL Alumni is a non-profit organization established in 1967 by former NFL players for former NFL players. It is a collective that spreads information and funding to assist those who have lost purpose or stability post-NFL. Through assisting these alumni, this organization helps them, their families, and communities by organizing fundraisers that set up public services for their local chapters. There is a strong belief in advocacy for the retirees so they may have information which ignites their passions once more and allows them to enrich their lives and those around them. For these practices to be put in place, the NFL Alumni association collect yearly dues from members as well as donations from people and institutions alike. These funds go to their positive programming while proceeds go to charities and similar causes. They partake and host many social events that raise further funds, most notable of which are the Super Bowl of Golf and Youth of America Week.


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NFL Alumni – Caring for Kids

Football players are known for performing well on the field, but they do even better off it. This belief still holds true for retired players. Many players participate in voluntary activities centered on health and wellness for children.  The NFL Alumni association knows this is integral to being a positive player. That is why their motto is “Caring for Kids.” The NFL Alumni takes this belief further by setting up a better future. They inform NFL players of potential pitfalls in their livelihoods so they can avoid their predecessors’ fates. At an even earlier age, they promote good habits in children of football players and the general public. They have programs teaching fitness and safety through sports. Children learn through having fun and positive social interactions with adults and those their own age. The NFL Alumni constantly works with all ages to further expand their reach and continue establishing events and processes that help communities all over the US.

The NFL Alumni aids many lives and its members are proud of what they do. They hold their membership cards and wear their lapel pins like badges of honor. For more information about the NFL Alumni, please visit their main site.

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