PinProsPlus is a Proud Pin Partner of Odyssey of The Mind Pins

Odyssey Of The Mind pinsOdyssey of the mind pins

 What is Odyssey of the Mind? It is an event that puts teams from different schools against each other to solve a variety of problems that have been devised by the event organizers. The teams learn about the problems in advance and have almost a year to devise solutions. Then, during the days of the event, they all converge on a single location to present their solutions and be graded.

At the event, there are plenty of other activities to do besides the actual showing of solutions. One of these activities is pin trading which has become a tradition.

Companies, like PinProsPlus, produce Odyssey of the Mind pins, and they are purchased by the team organizers at each participating school. Once at the event, participants trade them for the pins of other teams. This allows everyone to get souvenirs from other teams that will provide lifelong memories.

PinProsPlus supports the responsible trading of odyssey of the mind pins and notes that Odyssey of the Mind, like similar organizations, has a good set of rules to ensure that the activity remains fun for everyone. These common-sense rules include several meant to foster good trading behavior, warnings to respect designated trading and no-trading zones, and plenty of advice for first-time traders. This advice notes that not all pins are worth the same thing – instead, they are valued based on appearance, the available number of a particular pin, and whether or not the pin is international.

To make sure your team's pin will be highly valued by traders, it's important to have a good design made. You should also have enough produced for your team to be able to have fun, but not so many as to saturate the market.

Represent your team's creativity and pride with pins from PinProsPlus and you'll be sure to excite the traders!