Odyssey Of The Mind Pins Showcase Creativity

As Odyssey of the Mind grew so did Odyssey of the Mind Pins.  Who would have thought.

When Dr. Sam Micklus was a professor at Rowan University he challenged his students to make vehicles without wheels, to create flotation devices for crossing a lake, and even to design mechanical pie throwers. The students were judged not on the success of their creations, but on how they applied ingenuity and if they attempted a     new and different idea.  The students loved it.  Gradually word spread to attract attention from the local media.  Soon even non-students wanted in on the fun.  It was through this public interest that Dr. Micklus was led to develop a creative problem-solving competition for school children: The Odyssey of the Mind.  Today that competition has expanded world-wide, involving over a million students from kindergarten to college.  With yearly events, Odyssey of the mind pins trading, and teams from the U.S. all the way to Australia, the Odyssey of the Mind works to embody an international spirit of creativity.

Each year, along with “spontaneous” problems designed specifically for competitions, there are five long-term problems released for Odyssey of the Mind. These problems fall under one of five categories: Mechanical/Vehicle, Classics, Performance, Structure, and Technical Performance.  Student participants work in teams to solve the problems over weeks and months.  Because each problem is awarded style points, students are taught to not only find a solution, but also to enhance it.  The Odyssey of the Mind works to teach students problem-solving abilities, divergent thinking, and how to identify and work through challenges.  The students are free to express their ideas and work to find “out of the box” solutions.  The competition believes that creative thinking is just as necessary to a student as conventional thinking.

Along with the regional competitions, the Odyssey of the Mind also has a World Finals. With over 800 teams involved, from countries all over the world, the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals is a creative display of ideas and work.  One of the key components of this world-wide competition is the Odyssey of the Mind pins trading.  Associations create Odyssey pins to trade specifically at the World Finals.  The trading is a way for the students to interact with one another, as well as create a collection of memories from the event.  PinProsPlus can help you design an Odyssey pin for your association or team.  Their custom pins will help your students meet and make new friends as they trade for other Odyssey pins at the Finals.  And just like the Odyssey of the Mind supports thinking outside of the box, PinProsPlus works to provide you with creative “out of the box” pins for any occasion.

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