Oktoberfest Pins For the World's Largest Beer Festival

Although you might think about ordering Oktoberfest pins in October, don’t be fooled; Oktoberfest actually begins in September! In fact this large folk festival runs from mid-September to the first week in October.  Being held each year in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and traveling fun fair.  It’s been held since 1810 and is important to Bavarian culture.

So why is it called Oktoberfest if it’s celebrated in September? When the first fest was held in 1810 it was to honor the Bavarian Crown Prince’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  The festival opened on October 12 and lasted a week.  When the celebration was repeated in the years after, it became known as Oktoberfest.  However after several years the festival was extended from one week to several.  In order to allow for better weather for the extended festivities, the fair was moved into September.  The last weekend always falls in October, however, as per historical tradition.

During Oktoberfest visitors can enjoy various attractions and food. Along with amusement rides, games, and souvenir stalls, there are traditional foods such as sauerkraut and brezen.  The festival also has a parade with costumes, and, of course, beer tapping.

Although the main Oktoberfest celebration is in Germany, other cities throughout the world hold their own festivals. Many of the celebrations are modeled after the German festivities, so even if you’re unable to attend Oktoberfest in Germany there are still other locations to visit.  In Utah, where PinProsPlus is located, there is an Oktoberfest held at Snowbird.  The Snowbird festival was even voted one of the top 10 best Oktoberfest celebrations in the US.  Wherever you live, chances are there’s a festival going on near you.  If you go, be sure to let PinProsPlus design unique Oktoberfest pins for your festival.  Oktoberfest pins are a good way to remember the time spent celebrating the tradition of Oktoberfest.  And as always, drink responsibly!