Olympic Collectible Pins Bring The Games Home To You

 Citius, Altius, and Fortius. Faster, higher, and stronger.  The Olympic motto represents the aspirations of athletes in the Olympic Games.  Every four years these world-class Olympians have the opportunity to display their prowess and talent for all to see.  With over 200 countries participating, and over 50 sports (winter and summer), there is something for everyone in the Olympics.  But for those who aren’t competing in the Games, Olympic collectible pins are a way to have a part of the action.

The Olympics go back over 3000 years, with the first Olympic Games being held in 776 BC. The games began in Olympia and were dedicated to the Olympian gods.  The first Olympics only had one event- the ‘stadion’ race.  Gradually other events were added, including boxing, wrestling, and chariot racing.  The games continued until 393 AD, when Emperor Theodosius decreed them banned.

It wasn’t until 1896 that the first modern day Olympics were held. Following the tradition of Olympiad in Ancient Greece (a four year period of time between Olympic events), the modern day games are held every four years in a different host city.  Unlike in ancient times, the modern Olympics are an international event.

For each Olympics the host city creates a unique theme, mascot, and logo.   Because these are only used for that specific Olympic year, Olympic memorabilia becomes very collectible.  From hats and clothing items, to plush toys and Olympic collectible pins, having a piece of the Olympics is very special.  Almost as special as having an Olympic medal!

Olympic pin collecting can show your support or love of the Olympic Games. Trade your pins with others and create a unique collection. Use your Olympic pins 2016 to cheer on a country or athlete.  Whatever you do with it, Olympic collectible pins are a once in a lifetime (or once in a four year time) piece of history.