Operation Underground Railroad

We at PinProsPlus are strong advocates for the importance of family and community in all places for all people. Unfortunately, there are children who do not get to experience a positive childhood because they have been sold into sex slavery. PinProsPlus has teamed up with our local branch of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to help break this vicious cycle. With a little education and donation from everyone, we can make a difference in these children’s lives and set them free from their captors into a healthy life.

our pin

 PinProsPlus created commemorative pin for Operation Underground Railroad.

What is Operation Underground Railroad?

Operation Underground Railroad is a non-profit organization founded by Tim Ballard. His work in the CIA and the US Child Sex Tourism Jump Team inspired him to create a group dedicated to saving children from these crimes. They find about rings in the US and around the world and devise stings to capture culprits and free the children. Each operation costs $50,000 from planning through execution and frees anywhere from 1 to 50 child slaves. OUR has saved many lives and plans to continue doing so, already gaining notoriety on national television. Glenn Beck has even hosted interviews with the founder explaining in-depth about the program.

Our Kaysville RescueCraig Libby

You may be wondering where PinProsPlus comes into this. We have had the pleasure of working with the Kaysville, Utah branch of OUR for their current fundraiser. We have supplied 450 pins with the OUR logo to help raise money for the cause. A local Harmons raised awareness by hosting a table promoting OUR as well as accepting donations. The pins were given out as a “thank you” for their help. They will be given at a VIP gathering this weekend October 9th at 5 PM at Davis High School. Founder Tim Ballard and Ed Smart will come to speak about Operation Underground Railroad. After there will be a showing of “The Abolitionists,” a movie depicting the covert operations that go into rescuing child slaves. 

Kaysville is trying to raise $50,000 by December. We have already raised $10,000, but need more donations and ask for your help. Please donate whatever you can. Anything from $5 to $55+ helps greatly because it all adds up. If you are unable to donate, spread the word and let others know of this great cause and come to the gathering at Davis. PinProsPlus is proud to work with this great organization and the great citizens of Kaysville. Be proud to join and save a child’s life.

For more information, please visit the Operation Underground Railroad main site.

To donate, visit the Kaysville page.

Feel free to spread the news! The Kaysville Team even has their own Facebook page!  Create charity merchandise with PinProsPlus today.

PinProsPlus founder Craig Fry and his wife next to the OUR banner.