Pickleball Pins and a New Craze

PinProsPlus has recently created several custom pickleball pins for teams across the nation.  What is pickleball you might ask?  Read on....

In recent years America has seen an influx of participation in “non-traditional” sports. From rugby and lacrosse to BMX biking and archery, people have begun to branch out into new activities.  And while you’ve probably heard of most of these games, there’s one that’s sweeping the nation which you might not recognize:  pickleball.

Pickleball was invented in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, WA by Congressman Joel Pritchard. After coming home from a golf game to find his family sitting around bored, Pritchard and his friend William Bell suggested they play badminton.  Unfortunately they weren’t able to find a complete racquet set, nor could they locate the shuttle.  Improvising, Pritchard and Bell used ping pong paddles and a wiffle ball.  After a few rounds lobbing the ball back and forth they found that the ball bounced well enough to allow them to lower the net.  As the days progressed and the family continued to play the new game, the men created official rules and named the game pickleball. In pickleball history the name was chosen following a comment by Pritchard’s wife Joan that the game reminded her of the crews on a pickle boat.  The oarsmen for a pickle boat are chosen from the leftovers of other boats, just as the rules and equipment for the game was chosen from the “leftovers” of badminton, tennis, and ping pong.

By 1990 the family game of pickleball had spread to all 50 states. Today there are over 4,000 locations on the USA Pickleball Association’s “Places to Play” map.  There are courts in retirement centers, school PE classes, YMCAs, and community centers.  Since the sport is easy to understand and able to be played by people of all ages, pickleball is a game that families can enjoy together.   So if you’re looking for a new game, a family activity, or just want to see if it’s worth the hype, look for a pickleball court in your town and get playing!

Also think about creating your own pickleball pins for your team with PinProsPlus.  Now is a good time since the US Pickleball Masters Games will be held at the end of July.  Happy playing. 

[caption id="attachment_8950" align="alignnone" width="191"]Pickleball pin paddle Pickleball invented in Washington close to Corvallis, Oregon[/caption]