Pin Types


Don’t be confused by all the different pin types. Here are the four basic types explained simply.

SOFT ENAMEL – is a die struck pin with paint fill. The paint is air dried which causes the paint to settle ever so slightly leaving the metal borders raised and the paint slightly recessed. This creates more of a dimensional look. If you rub your thumb over the soft enamel pin you will feel the metal ridges. Soft enamel is a good quality pin.

HARD ENAMEL – is a die struck pin with paint fill. The paint is heated at a very high temperature to harden or cure the paint, and then it is polished smooth. The paint and the metal borders/ridges are at the same level. If you rub your thumb over a hard enamel lapel pin (also known as cloisonné lapel pin) it will feel smooth and you will not feel the metal borders/ridges. Hard enamel is considered the highest quality pin.

PHOTODOME – is a printed metal pin. The design is printed on a vinyl material, applied to the metal base pin, then coated with a clear acrylic coating to protect the print. This is a good option if you have gradients in your design, or you don’t want the metal ridges as shown in the enamel pins.

BUTTON – is completely different than the above. This is a very inexpensive aluminum material with a safety pin attachment on the back. The design is printed, covered with an clear poly disc and then crimped onto the aluminum button part. Think of political campaign buttons.

Each of the above listed products have their place and serve their purpose. If high quality is your need and your design fits it, go with the hard enamel. If you want good quality, but are trying to keep the cost down, go with soft enamel. If you need a pin quick, or if your design has gradient colors, go with the photodome. If you need cheap, and large quantities, go with the button.

Regardless of the pin types you choose, PinProsPlus will produce a quality product that will meet your needs.

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