PinProsPlus Proud Pin Provider For Vermont WWII Memorial

WWII memorial West Rutland VT

Military conflict is an ongoing part of modern life and history. Cities and towns pay respect by honoring the aging WWII veteran population with new monuments in order to ensure that their contributions to that fight are not forgotten. In other cases, they are redoing old monuments that were, for one reason or another, incomplete at the time of their original creation.

One such WWII memorial monument is being constructed in West Rutland, Vermont, to replace the older version that lacked some of the veterans' names. After years of neglect, it came to the attention of the son of one of the unnamed veterans. Interest caught on after another person made a Facebook page regarding the town memorial and got a picture of the original 3-panel stone memorial.

Once research took place, it became clear that several people's names had been left off of the original. At least 25 living veterans were missing along with one who didn't make it back from his deployment. Committees were formed to further research the WWII vets of the town and to design a new monument that would include all of them. Now, it won't be long before a corrected version stands in the town. This version will also leave space to commemorate those who have served in other wars.

PinProsPlus is proud to provide WWII pins to those who have donated time or money to the memorial project. The memorial lapel pins will be good mementos because they’re easy to wear and talk about. This also helps raise awareness of the new memorial, and this will make it easier for the organizers to gather the funds needed for construction.

If your group is working on a WWII memorial or one for any other war, consider adding military veteran lapel pins to your promotional strategy. It's a great way to get people talking so that you can tell them all about it. Pins are also excellent rewards for donors.

Let PinProsPlus honor our vets with memorial lapel pins!