Influence of Political Lapel Pins

political lapel pins


For such a little thing, political lapel pins play a surprisingly important role in politics. They provide a simple, effective way of presenting a perspective on any issue. Stuck firmly in the jacket of a politician or a supporter, they provide solid evidence of how a person feels about an issue, and how he or she is likely to vote on that issue.

Influence of Political Lapel Pins

One only needs to look at all the controversy that arose back in 2007 over the absence of a flag pin on the collar of then-Senator Barack Obama. When asked why he did not have a flag pin on in an interview, the Senator said he thought is was a substitute for real patriotism. This did not go over well with some people, and created such a string of news stories and condemnations from opponents that the soon-to-be-president had the flag pin back on in short order. He claimed that sometimes he wore it, sometimes he did not, but most people viewed his decision as a way to avoid any further upset from his lack of a flag lapel pin.

In 2012, Mitt Romney was seen wearing a strange looking flag pin in his lapel. It seemed to have a dot on it, and it sent the press scrambling again to find out just what was going on. It turns out that Romney was not defacing the flag on his lapel, but was rather wearing a different version of the flag pin, one embossed with the emblem of the Secret Service. It was given to him by his security detail, and he wanted to show it off.

Still another controversy was heard a year later over lapel pins, when House Democrats wore their official congressional lapel pins in a video designed to show their support for the House Majority Public Action Committee. There are rules in place that say a House member may not use his or her position to promote a PAC. The fact that they were all wearing their lapel pins was seen as violating these ethics rules, and was enough to draw criticism.

Big Statements in Small Packages

These are just a few examples of politicians wearing lapel pins and drawing ire for that decision. Lapel pins have substantial relevance considering their small size. They say so much about a politician without that person even needing to speak. They are also something that gets noticed, by allies and opponents alike. It is quite a big impact for something that can be held so easily in one's hand.

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