Political Swag

Political swag is everywhere.  With the Iowa, New Hampshire and soon to be South Carolina caucus votes over and done with the political heat is just beginning.  Both political parties and candidates within each party are adjusting and trying to figure out the best moves to make as they move to the next location.

It seems year after year candidates look to the past and try to mirror the campaign approach of past winners. If it worked last time – it will certainly work this time – right? If we lived in a consistent world it probably would, but our world is changing so fast now that you have to set your own rules to be successful.  Just look at Donald Trump – he follows no rules and at least right now leads the pack.

However, there is one phenomenon that stays the same year after year, no matter the party, the candidate or the election.  Political swag has more staying power than anyone candidate ever did.  Everywhere you look you will see banners, signs, T-shirts, lapel pins, and buttons.  These swag items have been around possibly longer than even elections themselves.

Why in a changing world does this stuff last? Here are just a couple of thoughts to consider.

#1 - because people love swag, its shiny and bright, affordable and makes us feel like we belong. #2 – because swag is an impulse buy and when you are caught up caught up at a rally and everyone is cheering and wearing their swag you want to be part of it. #3 – because swag invokes memories.  That pin you bought and wore will forever remind you of the experience. #4 – because swag allows you to say anything without verbally saying anything – your message comes across loud and clear.

Take a look at these button sayings.

political swag

I don’t know about you but I can literally remember the debate the “Bomb the Hell out of ISIS” statement was made. That is history.  Swag is history. One day you will pull out custom political buttons or other political pins and show you grandkids and say – I was there.

Political swag will always win in every campaign. Let PinProsPlus produce your custom campaign buttons and custom political pins.