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Coin - No Enamel (All Gold Or All Silver)


1 1/2"$7.80$4.80$3.45$2.85$2.35$2.05$1.90$1.65
1 3/4"$8.30$5.30$3.85$3.25$2.70$2.35$2.20$2.00

Coin - Diecast - Soft Enamel


1 1/2"$8.00$4.95$3.60$3.00$2.50$2.20$2.05$1.80
1 3/4"$8.45$5.45$4.00$3.40$2.85$2.50$2.35$2.15

Coin - Diecast - Hard Enamel


1 1/2"$8.35$5.45$4.00$3.35$2.85$2.55$2.35$2.10
1 3/4"$9.00$5.95$4.55$3.85$3.30$2.90$2.70$2.50

Coin - Diestruck - Soft Enamel


1 1/2"$7.95$5.30$3.90$3.35$2.80$2.65$2.45$2.25
1 3/4"$8.65$6.00$4.50$4.00$3.45$3.25$3.05$2.85

Coin - Diestruck - Hard Enamel


1 1/2"$8.35$5.60$4.20$3.70$3.35$3.15$3.00$2.90
1 3/4"$9.35$6.20$4.70$4.15$3.80$3.60$3.50$3.30

Coin Finishes

Coin Edging

Options / Packaging

3D MoldQuote
2 tone$0.50 per coin
offset print$100 per image
Epoxy dome$0.25 per coin
Sequential numbering$0.25 per coin
Edge engraving$0.25 per coin
Glitter paint$0.10 per color
Plastic box$1.00 each
Clear capsule$0.40 each
Velvet pouch$0.75 each
Velvet box$3.00 each

Challenge Coin

The use of custom challenge coins by military organizations goes back many decades, and these tokens are still used today by all branches of the U.S. military. Military challenge coins are a prized possession and keepsake for many people, passed along through the generations to help honor and remember those who were willing to fight hard for our country.

Use Challenge Coins as Rewards

Many organizations and groups have discovered the fun and value of having challenge coins created for their membership. These can be used for many purposes, including those all-important fund-raising efforts. Customized coins make an ideal gift item or incentive reward, especially when they are designed with a corporate logo, event details or other types of information pertinent to an event or the organization itself.

Designing Custom Coins is Simple

Your coin design can be simple or complex; regardless of the content, our art staff is ready to take your idea and create a unique design that displays your theme clearly and with beauty. All you need to do is ask us for a free quote and give our staff some idea of how you envision the looks of your custom challenge coins. We’ll take it from there and get back within an hour with a customized price quote and design proof.

Coins are Powerful

Coins are fun, and they hold some image in the mind of power. Metal coins are more fun to use and look at than paper money. They also can be used in other crafts, such as jewelry creation, added to a necklace as a pendant. We offer many options for coin creation, including gold, silver, copper, nickel or bronze metals with a variety of finishes and edges. Complete your order by adding customized packaging for your valuable coins, such as pouches, boxes or clear capsules. We are excited about the possibilities for custom coin design; we believe you will agree. Contact our friendly service representatives today, to submit your request for our design services and custom coin products.

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