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1 1/2"$2.80$2.34$1.83$1.44$1.27$1.14$1.07$0.98$0.86
1 3/4"$2.96$2.55$2.06$1.57$1.43$1.35$1.24$1.20$1.10
2 1/4"$3.55$2.82$2.35$1.99$1.87$1.84$1.70$1.65$1.47
2 1/2"$3.76$3.10$2.52$2.16$2.05$2.03$1.86$1.81$1.64
2 3/4"$4.52$3.90$3.29$2.94$2.79$2.74$2.49$2.45$2.20

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butterfly clutch, military clutch

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Deluxe Clutch

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Custom Trading Pins

You’ve come to the right place for custom trading pins. We have discovered that the pin trading experience is often more important than the winning or losing. Based on experience we have learned a few tricks to help you win with your baseball trading pins. While many of our custom trading pins are focused on baseball trading pins we can help teams create hockey pins, basketball pins, skating pins, wrestling pins, curling pins, pickle ball pins, football pins, jump rope pins, tennis pins and more. Below are a few suggestions to help guide your decision.

  • Soft enamel – is the standard for custom trading pins
  • Unique shape a plus
  • Bigger is better – 1.5 is average, 2 inches above average, 3 inches is a home run
  • Accessories add the flair – glitter (add $0.07 cents per color per pin), dangles, spinners or sliders (add $1.25/per pin), bobbles (add $1.50/per pin), flashing lights (add $1.25/per pin)

We try to make this as simple as possible. We will prepare a FREE artwork design that is sure to trade well and make the experience memorable for each of your players. Just provide some basic information for your little league pins and we will hit a home run with it:

  • Team Name
  • Team Colors
  • Team Logo (send any picture of a hat or a uniform or any logo file you may have)
  • Player numbers
  • State
  • Any other wording or details you want on the design

Once we have this information your custom trading pins will come to life, and be unique to your team. We allow you to review the design and make any changes you desire.

Just request a free quote and provide the above information and we will make it happen. We hope you leave having had an experience that brings you back year after year. It really is easy as 1-2-3.

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