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Die Cast Pins

What are Die Cast pins?

Die cast pins use a process of molten metal to create intricate shapes that can include cutouts and holes. First a custom mold of your design is created. Zinc alloy is then injected into your mold under high pressure to create the final pin. The metal cools and hardens resulting in a very durable and sturdy pin regardless of the intricate design. Die cast pins can also be enamel pins as you can also add hard or soft enamel paint to add color to the design. While the diecast pins process is very different than the diestruck process the finished product looks very similar. With die cast pins you can still choose from the full spectrum of Pantone/PMS colors. You have all the flexibility with design and custom shapes, with the added benefit of unlimited cutouts at no extra charge.

Often people confuse diecast pins and diestruck just like people confuse lapel pins and label pins. There is a difference but to the average person who is not familiar with pin making the difference is often unrecognizable. The reason diecast pins are slightly more expensive than regular enamel pins is the mold process is a little more expensive – one is stamped into thin metal vs one is injected into a mold with zinc alloy liquid metal.

Why use the Die Cast pins?

  • Need cutout letters
  • Need unique designs with multiple inner cutouts

What is included in my order?

  • FREE – artwork (full color proof emailed to you within 24 hours)
  • FREE – up to 8 colors included in the metal lapel pin design
  • FREE – setup and mold
  • FREE – UPS ground shipping for all customized pins
  • RESPONSE TIME – Quote request response in 1 hour or less
  • PRODUCTION TIME – Product ready to ship in 10 days or less

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